Endorsing products that are safe for all species through time

The standard &U components will NOT contain any of the International Living Building Challenge Red List materials or chemicals. See HERE for further information on materials.

The &U system is made using fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) pultrusion, an established method of composite materials processing. An investigation of the whole of life use of the pultrusions from ‘cradle to cradle’ has been undertaken, involving the quantification of the typical equivalent embodied energy in the pultrusions; greenhouse gas per unit and environmental impact at both the cradle to gate and cradle to grave stages.

Pultruded composites are shown to have less embodied energy, lower carbon emissions, a lesser environmental impact and close to 100% recyclability potential compared to steel and timber.

This will enable &U projects to:
– Minimise the embodied carbon footprint for the project;
– Reduce or eliminate the production of waste during design, construction, operation and end of life;
– Integrate waste back into either an industrial loop or natural nutrient loop.

So that &U can be part of a transparent materials economy and give people using it confidence in its environmental credentials we will be seeking to have the system join the “Declare” data base. In line with this, all timber used in &U projects will come from certified projects.

The processes behind the manufacture and assembly of the parts of the &U system mean it can be easily manufactured anywhere around the world. As markets grow and are realised, &U factories will be created in suitable locations in response.

The process of assembling an &U project involves one skilled builder leading a number of workers with little or no building experience or training who are ideally sourced from the area where the building is to be constructed.

These approaches to the whole &U system, will enable projects using the &U system to incorporate place-based solutions and contribute to the expansion of a regional economy based in sustainable practices, products and services.