Relying only on current solar income

A critical part of any project achieving 105% of it’s energy needs using on-site renewable energy is making sure the buildings are able to provide great natural comfort and conditions. The &U system includes panels, flooring and composite roof materials that can be used to enhance good passive design approaches by:

– The inclusion of climate specific amounts of insulation;
– Opportunities to include thermal mass through phase change material or concrete floors;
– High thermal performance windows and doors.

The standard &U designs will include options for reducing quantities of energy required for the operation of the building by including the most efficient:
– Hot water systems;
– Lighting;
– Appliances;
– Heating and cooling approaches;
– Smart meters for monitoring actual performance;
– Clever options for drying clothes naturally.

The &U roofing system can support standard PV panels for the generation of renewable power. We will keep up to date and always offer the latest options for integrated PV systems for panels, windows/doors and the roof.