The &U system is a complete and fully integrated building system. Every design element and component is compatible. The &U system simplifies the building process, saves time and cost.

How do I purchase an &U building?

The process involves:

Design options

You can select a design from our standard range.
You can adapt any of our standard designs.
You can create your own design.
You can choose your own joinery, bathrooms, kitchens, doors and windows.
You have the choice of working with our architects or appointing your own.

Costing + Contract

Once the design is confirmed, we will calculate the exact quantity and price of all elements and components required. Negotiations to finalise the cost and scope of works can be undertaken, which will form the basis of our agreement. Once the deposit is paid, materials are ordered and manufactured

Planning & Building Approvals

Planning and building permits and approvals will need to be obtained. We can assist with this process, or provide information regarding the building for you to make your own applications.

Site Works

The site is prepared ready for placement and assembly of your building.


When ready, the complete project consignment is packed into standard shipping containers and transported to the site. Payment for materials is made at this stage.


Our &U approved builder assembles the building envelope, and installs the bathroom and kitchen. The electrician and plumber complete the installation and fit out and connect the services. The building is now ready for occupation. The customer has the option of undertaking and managing some or all of this work themselves.

All the components are lightweight, so they are easily carried on site without the need for a crane or other heavy lifting equipment.

There is no need for cutting, drilling, painting, plastering, laying bricks, tiling or waterproofing on site. The pre-finished, pre-sized components connect together simply and easily using the &U patented coupling system.

The components are made from a durable, tough, maintenance free composite material. In keeping with our sustainability philosophy, the parts can be disassembled and reused on other projects at any time.