Posts and Beams

The &U system is based on a tartan grid layout. The post and beam framework is bolted together to form the support structure. Pre-drilled beams and brackets ensure accurate and precise dimensions. Adjustable base plates are then levelled and attached to the foundations.

Lightweight insulated panels

Lightweight, pre-finished, insulated panels are installed between the columns. The patented coupling system ensures fast, easy and secure connections. Buildings can be easily reconfigured. Panels, doors and windows are interchangeable at any time.

Connection System (patent pending)

&U has developed a unique connection system to simplify the assembly and connection of the building components.

connection system


The &U system uses composite insulated structural roof panels. These colorbond steel and rigid foam insulated panels form the roof structure, roof sheeting, roof insulation and high sloping ceiling all in one. The high strength panels span from wall to wall without support. The need for a roof and ceiling structure is eliminated. This roofing system allows simple easy installation, impressive thermal performance, an attractive roof with generous high ceilings. It allows high level window openings for added light and ventilation inside the building.

Kitchen and Bathroom

After the building envelope is complete, the prefab kitchen and bathrooms of your choice are fitted.


All walls, ceilings, bathrooms, doors, windows, and joinery are pre finished and can be enjoyed with no additional finishes required. You have the choice to customise your building. &U offer a range of options including shelving, grow walls, brackets and attachments, or you can customise to your individual style.

Plumbing and Electrical

On completion of the building, the plumber and the electrician carry out the installation, the fit out and the connection of the services in a single site visit. Removable beam and skirting covers allow access to a network of ducting throughout the entire building. This unique feature allows modifications and new installations to be carried out at any time without disturbing existing surfaces.

No roughing in, no cutting, no chasing, no mess and no multiple site visits.